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Agira Earrings In Gold

$ 42.00

Lightweight, fun, and free-spirited, these Agira earrings with 7 gold plated over brass links, these earrings are a 'must-have' for any wardrobe. These look adorable when paired with tees and jeans, and equally stylish and posh when spruced up with your favorite evening, formal wear.

Sometimes, simplicity goes a long way. These are your ' go-to' earrings for any occasion, be it, that vacation you have been planning for or even that work meeting, you know you can't avoid. 3 inches in length are perfect to mix and match with any necklace and create a unique, dramatic look. 

One piece of jewelry is all you need to create a statement. Looking to make a unique set: Adira Necklace, Viva Bangle Bracelet, Iris Bracelet In Gold, Elia Bangle Bracelet, Amaya Adjustable Ring In Gold

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