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Mia Siya Brand



Boho luxe or luxe boho are terms used ‘leisurely’ these days to refer to the Bohemian influence in design with a luxurious appeal and is known to speak to the confident individualist. This newfound set of stylistic principles finds itself in all areas of modern design, including jewelry.

Mia Siya proudly showcases a wide variety to pique the interest of any and all, from the bold and expressive to the minimalist with an enthusiasm for design and detail. This includes but is not limited to boho-luxe, boho chic, fine jewelry, minimalist jewelry with/without gemstones that is fashion-forward and modern. Some are a mix while others are stylistically nomadic. The fashionable and polished appeal of each piece of jewelry that is showcased on the website is portrayed with poise, finesse, and intricate detailing.

Each piece must speak to you, connect to you, for it has a hidden story behind it.

I aim to bring to life the various thoughts and ideas I’ve either had myself or come across organically on my travels or even my daily life. I believe healthy self-expression is vital in seeking alignment with the self, which is something I found through the medium of jewelry.

Mia Siya is a celebration of you and this desire to express. It is a brand that weaves notions of contemporary design to craft styles that are timeless and unique, capturing the essence of everyday luxury, and where you can choose the jewelry that appeals to you and blend it with your aesthetic.

Each collection is created with thoughtful intention to capture the spirit of the woman to remind her of the true ‘Goddess’ she is.