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Anna Filigree Necklace With Tourmaline

$ 88.00


Tourmaline gemstones, such as the pink and green along with cubic zirconia embedded necklace, this Anna necklace is simply breathtaking. The elaborate, victorian styled design is simply queenly and divine. The necklace carries a total weight of 37.05 gms. It may look heavy in appearance but is comfortable and lightweight when adorned. 

Filigree work is the delicate manipulation of thin strips of metal that are woven and twisted to form incredible texture and detail. The process of making filigree by hand is methodical and time-consuming, starting with stretching metal into thin, threadlike strips. 

Tourmaline is one of the rare gemstones that come in all colors of the rainbow. It is one of the rare semi-precious gemstones that easily evokes a genuine vibration of happiness and lightness of being. This main quality is enhanced by the specific color of your tourmaline, be it yellow for self-esteem, pink for love, blue for serenity, green for health, etc. As tourmaline comes in all colors, this also imparts the gemstone with the energy of tolerance and compassion, as well as an easy-going, flexible, and happy vibration.

Limited Inventory!

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