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Madeir Necklace With White Quartz

$ 159.00

Talk about a distinct design - Madeir Necklace 

A sterling silver, gold plated necklace showcasing 2 bold cubic zirconia in the middle with a stunning halo with small CZ's expresses craftsmanship at par. The craftmanship of the 2 1/2-inch long pendant holds one's attention to it longer than any other design you may have come across. I am very certain of my statement. Comes with this beautiful, medium-weight chain that graciously holds the pendant with authority and respect. 

The chain can be used with any of your other favorite pendants as well. 

Madeira Earrings In Gold matches the necklace to a large extent. A very slight difference in the finish is not that visible but it is important that it is mentioned here. The earrings have a matte finish and the necklace has a somewhat glossy finish. 

One Piece Only 

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