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Sophie Oxidized Necklace With White Zircon

$ 20.00


This adorable Dia necklace in oxidized metal with a 06. ct white zircon is pleasing to the eye for its simplicity, fresh, airy, and free-spirited qualities. A 'No weight adjustable necklace' that can be paired with other necklaces from Mia Siya such as the Merak Necklace In Gold OR Shanti Necklace In Gold, hence creating a layered look OR to be worn by itself for its easy, breezy comfortable feel. 

White Zircon is a gemstone that can give wealth and luck to the owner. It has the meaning and properties of making your life fully shine. It is one of the gemstones that have the brightest shine. It is often used instead of Diamond. This beautiful shine has been considered a symbol of good fortune.

Did you know?

Oxidizing metal is the formation of an oxide layer on the metal's surface. Oxidation is a chemical process by which an ionic chemical reaction occurs at the surface of a metal when in the presence of oxygen. This can happen in the air or when metal is exposed to water or acids.





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