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Bria Necklace With Blue Chalcedony

$ 72.00
This chalcedony embedded pendant at a slant position makes it rather more captivating than what one would expect. Delicate, dainty and versatile in wear for an everyday look. Chalcedony can be used for telepathy and transmission. This stone absorbs negative energy and then dissipates it so that the energy doesn't move...

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Every lovely piece of MiaSiya jewelry is an inspiration on your journey to self-love, acceptance and authenticity. If you are looking for timeless elegance, classic and unique pieces of jewelry you are in the right place. Let the stunning jewelry of MiaSiya reflect your true and authentic light and beauty. The synchronicity that Monika, the founder of MiaSiya, and I connected is a true blessing, and I feel honored to join together in our mission to making every woman feel like a true goddess."

- Tanja Alexandra Kern


If you are looking for some of the most elegant and beautiful pieces of jewelry with the most amazing stories behind them with a magical touch created by the beautiful, Monika Kapoor, then I highly recommend Mia Siya for all your jewelry needs and wants! She is amazing to work with. Has a heart of gold and very passionate with, not only, her work but her customer services! Thank you for your warm and beautiful heart my Beautiful Lady.

- Donna Smith Brown, North Carolina


"I am very selective of what jewelry I wear, partly due to an allergy to metals, and partly due to only wearing jewelry that resonates with me in a way that is more than just beautiful. I honestly cannot say enough about how much I love every piece of Mia Siya jewelry that I own. The quality is outstanding and I have never had a single allergy issue from any of them. They are all absolutely beautiful, elegant, and most importantly resonate with divine presence. Monika Kapoor is a gifted designer and I highly recommend Mia Siya Jewelry."

- Alicia Kraemer, Mississippi