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Goddess Collection took some time to unravel but thrilled to say that it finally has evolved here at Mia Siya. 

As you know, over the course of 3 years, many collections were launched on MS, but one collection always stayed on the back burner.

Finally, that time arrived, and with some hard work, dedication, and a lot of planning it was time to release the 'out of the box' designs this season.

This unique collection from Mia Siya displays some of the most exquisite jewelry designs that are simply 'admirable and uncommon,' Some are with/without gemstones such as labradorite, white zircon, carnelian, and green turquoise, druzy showcased in gold, sterling silver, and mixed metal.

Designs that can be referred to as 'statement' and 'bold', such as the Goddess Ring with lapis lazuli make one feel like one just by embracing it with their existing jewelry wardrobe and personal style.

Or, the Amara bracelet with labradorite need not be worn with any other piece of jewelry. The first and last impression it exudes once adorned can not be transmuted.

These designs speak to me, speak for me, and express the desire to be 'daring'. 

Do you feel the vibe? Do you see a change in these designs compared to other collections? 

Go ahead and enjoy the vibe for yourself.  Each design carries a uniqueness to it. 

With utmost respect to your choice, I hope you will enjoy these new designs. 

Please know that some of them are limited edition pieces as well. Recreating those designs is not feasible. Hence, once they are sold, they sure are gone!