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Welcome to the World of Mia Siya
Monika Kapoor, the name behind the brand stands firmly with its tasteful first impression. It showcases a culmination of boho-luxe, chic style, fine jewelry, with/without gemstones that is fashion-forward and modern, as well as 'traditional' with a reflection of spiritualism. The elegant appeal from each piece of jewelry that is showcased on the website is portrayed with poise, finesse, and fine intricate detailing. Each piece must speak to you, connect to you, and stay with you for a lifetime.
Monika chose the name 'Mia Siya' with much thought and enthusiasm, as she intends for it to be adorned with the true meaning behind it. Mia means ‘Mine” or “My” in Latin and Siya or Sita references from Hindu Mythology as a “Goddess.” Hence, Mia Siya means “My Goddess” which reflects your true self: 'A Goddess of Free Spirit'.
A Women that are in the process of learning to know, learn and accept her true self, on all levels: Body, Mind, and Spirit and lead a life she always was made for. Mia Siya is an epitome of self-expression, a creatively inspired platform where you choose the jewelry that appeals to you and blends it with your personal style to then make you feel like a true 'Goddess'.
Monika is very passionate about infusing diversity and culture into her brand and brings to you exquisite designs, come to life with the finest craftmanship and experience. A keen traveler by heart, she absorbs her travel experiences and derives inspiration from each of her trip and infuse them into all her designs. You will find some simple designs, for that, everyday 'casual look', as well as intricate designs that stand out and always are the 'conversation' piece at your evening out.
Mia Siya has gracefully evolved into a successful company that was "loved" by many and beyond for over 2 years. SJC was an embodiment of different jewelry styles under one roof- from Yoga Jewelry to Fine Jewelry, the list was endless.
This new phase of Mia Siya is a reflection of that “same creative minded, highly passion-driven person” who is ready to take yet another leap, into the designing world with her boho-luxe, gemstone embedded, fine and classy jewelry designs.
An amalgamation of earthiness with the uniqueness of gems used is how one client referred to the pieces from Mia Siya.