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OM Sterling Silver Shanti Silver Cuff

$ 42.00


A beautiful melody: Peace charm with Om (infinity ) that evokes a rather spiritual air around you and the fashionista who follows the latest trends. OM jewelry, in recent years, has captured quite the attention, don't you think? A loved design for yoga inspired individuals, specifically. 

A striking sterling silver cuff, a conversation piece, I call is a must-have to add to your everyday casual look or spruce it up by pairing it with gold and black rhodium plated cuffs with the same theme. 

As you know, sterling silver tarnishes simply by being in contact with air, so it is advisable to store your silver jewelry either in a cloth pouch or a small zip lock bag or in a separate compartment in your jewelry box when not in use.

I would pair it with Merak Shanti Silver Cuff and Om Lariat Necklace With Smoky Quartz


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