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Customer Review

 I am so pleased with the purchases I have received. The quality and craftsmanship in each piece she does are quite impressive. I love the fact that it is handmade solid jewelry. Quality at amazing prices. The designer/ owner gets back to you if you have any questions and shipping is fast !' If you are looking for an amazing piece of jewelry this is the place.

Luanne, New York

If you haven’t bought from Monika Kapoor yet, do. Her jewelry is outstanding and beautiful. Monika Kapoor’s customer service has a personal touch and your jewelry arrives quickly. I have bought so many pieces it is hard to say which is my favorite. To top it off she is a beautiful person inside and out, as I have come to know her personally over the years. I hope you discover which pieces are your favorites.

- Carly Alyssa Thorne, California

   My shopping experience with Mia Siya was terrific. Mia Siya is known for her beautiful gemstones and timeless design and styles.  I felt that the pictures were quite accurate very important when shopping online.  My necklace was delivered promptly and was even more beautiful in person.  

- Marie S, Orlando