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Aarna Bracelet Set With Amethyst

$ 69.00

Why wear one, when you can wear a stack of this adorable brass-based with brushed gold plated bangle bracelets with amazonites, amethyst, and white zirconia, and create quite the stir and be a conversation bee, right? Elegant, fun, and flirtatious with its jingling soft sound, this stack is all you need as your statement piece. The set has 6 amazonites and 3 amethyst gemstones.

Pear-shaped amazonite is 9x13 in size and weighs 10.79 gms. Oval-shaped amazonite, on the other hand, is 9.78 gms in weight and the stunning square amethyst is 9.33 gms, with a total of 35.847 gms. in total.

The set is to the large side. It is 3 inches in diameter or 8 1/2 cms or 10 inches in circumference. 

Please note: Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the gemstone, exact colors and patterns may vary slightly from the image shown.

Match it with our MOST popular Adira Necklace and Sanya Earrings With Amethyst and create a unique, luxurious set. 


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