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Alexiya Cuff With Black Onyx

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If I may say so myself, this exquisite, chunky gold plated over brass with black onyx and pearls, is simply spectacular. One glance at it gets you hypnotized to a point of owning it and glamourizing it on your wrist. Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself.

The subtle addition of pearls makes the black onyx pop rather more gracefully. A statement piece, that flaunts exceptional beauty and style. 

Black Onyx is known to help a person enhance self-mastery, absorb emotional intensity, assist in releasing negative energy or letting go of emotions, and tie to negative influences in your life. Black Onyx is also beneficial in guiding a person through visions, meditation, and dreams and helping to align your spirit, body, and mind and connect you to your higher self-consciousness.

Black Onyx is good for entrepreneurs and inventors, increases stamina, and helps create emotional stability. Smooth out the “Roller Coaster Ride” of emotions.

Want to make a stunning set with the same gemstone?

May we suggest: Zora Necklace With Black Onyx and Leya Studs With Black Onyx

Pairing it with Adiraa Necklace In Gold makes the set look glamorous, don't you think? 

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