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Avia Long Necklace In Gold

$ 68.00

A newly updated Avia necklace is being introduced to the exquisite collection this year with much pride and vigor to compliment the most "loved and best-rated" pair of earrings from Mia Siya - the Avia Earrings, which has been reviewed as being the 'most comfortable and could wear it all day long' pair of earrings.

This no-weight and airy necklace is gold-plated over brass and 12 inches in length. It carries the same leaf design as the Avia and has a weight of 10.263 gms. 

Match it with Avia Earrings In Gold and experience comfort at a new level. Our most popular stack of bracelets, consisting of Elia Bracelet In Gold, Iris Bracelet In Gold, Viva Bracelet would make this Avia set more beautiful for they all carry the same hand-hammered, lightweight texture to.



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