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Bella Bracelet In Silver

$ 72.00

Crafted with precision using high-quality sterling silver, the Bella Bracelet is a stunning hand-hammered piece that exudes elegance and sophistication. Its unique design and expert craftsmanship make it a timeless accessory that will elevate any outfit. Add a touch of luxury to your look with the Bella Bracelet in silver.

A hand-hammered, NO weight bracelet, sterling silver bracelet in an unusual square design that is perfect for that fashionista in you and to match any attire in your wardrobe dramatically and make quite the statement you would not expect.

Wear it single or stack them up with other Bella rose gold and Bella gold bracelet, and flaunt an exclusive style and flair of your own. 

This style reminds me of a fashion week, exhibiting one of a kind jewelry. 

Also shown:  Bella Bracelet in Rose Gold and Bella Bracelet in Gold if looking to wear it as a chunky stack. OR If looking to make a unique set with other sterling pieces, may we suggest Nazar Necklace With Lapis Lazuli, Amy Necklace With Labradorite, Shanti Necklace In Sterling Silver, Aaru Earrings In Sterling Silver or Shia Ring With Druzy 


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