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Black Diamond Hook Earrings

$ 189.00

The meaning of black diamond is transcendence. The gemstone has symbolized power and authority and it has been thought to have a mystic power. Black diamonds also symbolize charisma. Ancient Indians saw diamonds as such a perfect form of protection from evil, that they shouldn’t even be cut out of fear that they’d lose their power. Black diamonds represent inner strength and justice. They are great for a woman who wants to stand apart and stand strong in her conviction. 

Diamonds have been tied to wellness for a long time. In particular, they help to make the wearer invincible to evil forces. Used in crystal healings, black diamonds also help to amplify the effects of other stones.

These tiny yet durable,18kt solid gold hook dangle earrings that weigh 0.72 gms of gold and 0.15 ct of natural bezel-set, with round black diamonds on each earring, are probably the cutest piece of jewelry you may have seen or would like to own.  A royal addition to your jewelry collection, surely. 

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