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Cecile Luna Sterling Silver Necklace

$ 88.00

Chic and modern, these sterling silver Luna earrings with gold plating are lustrous and intriguing. Dangling ear wire with a total weight of 13.72 gms is a perfect example of everyday jewelry that can be worn with a tee and jeans on a casual day, with a suit on a work day, and most confidently with evening attire for a night out. 

The moon jewelry we wear is a talisman to words like these that are part of the lexicon of our individual families. In that sense, a crescent moon necklace tells our own unique story, drawing upon those things we find empowering as we see ourselves in the shadow of moonlight under a night sky.

The moon in any form is generally considered to be feminine, an empowering symbol that represents female influence, intuition, and kindness as well as the power that women wield throughout the world. The moon influences us in many ways, from the tides it creates to the emotions we feel. A full moon is thought to boost creativity, energy levels, and positivity.

The symbol of the crescent moon in jewelry designs also represents both the waning moon and waxing moon phases.

Matching Cecile Necklace would make a perfect match if looking to wear it as a set. 






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