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Daphne Ring With Smoky Quartz

$ 40.00

A matte-finished gold ring with 4 diamond-shaped smoky quartz gemstones is an exquisite addition to Mia Siya. Clients wanted this ring to be reintroduced since it was a big seller in 2018 as their favorite for it is a comfortable, versatile, and everyday ring with smoky quartz. Well! Here we are and your wish is our command.

Size 7.5 only.

Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone that transmutes negative energies and facilitates your ability to get things done in the practical world. It enhances organizational skills and is good to have around you at all times. Smokey quartz is nature's stone of endurance. It will promote the joy of living, and being creative in business, and open the path for perception and creativity. It is a grounding stone and helps to eliminate negative energy.

Pair it with Alia Earrings With Smoky Quartz Or the Nimu Earrings With Smoky Quartz to carry the gemstone theme, if you may. An extra-long gold link necklace such as the Adiraa Necklace In Gold can be worn in 4 different styles, one of which would be a choker that would look stunning with the gemstone theme.

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