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Jaipuri Necklace With Gemstones

$ 139.00


Jaipuri necklace, sterling silver-based with a total length of 29 inches long can be adorned as per your taste and requirement. Wear it at a lariat length, an opera, or a choker combined with a matinee, this unique gemstone necklace is sure to get a second look. A culmination of varied gemstones is being strung beautifully to create a free-spirited, vibrant piece of accessory that you will love for a lifetime. The necklace carries a  total stone weight of 210.28 ct. 

Citrine - 46.98 ct. 

Aqua Chalcedony - 10.6 ct.

Green Onyx - 10.88 Ct. 

Lapis Lazuli - 46.2 ct. 

Red Tiger Eye - 71.8

Rose Quartz - 23.82

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