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Mahima Necklace In Rose Gold

$ 52.00

A sleek chain adjustable adorable necklace in rose gold with a rainbow design, is simply the first choice as your 'everyday jewelry' that has practically NO weight, yet flaunts a bold statement look. 

 There is no such thing as naturally occurring rose, white, green, or yellow gold. All of these "colors" of gold are produced by mixing 24 yellow gold with various other metals. The percentage of the other metals ( copper, silver, zinc, nickel) produces the different shades of gold. Any karat other than 24 karat gold ( pure gold) is called an alloy. For example, 14 kt gold is an alloy consisting of fourteen parts gold and ten parts of other metals. 

A touch of glamour adds that poise and finesse to any attire. Mix and match and create your own personal set: Maria Ring Rose Gold, Ria Earrings Studs, Joy Cuff With Amethyst, Joy Opal Cuff

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