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The smallest of my trees, but the most popular.

Almost all people living on the planet Earth want to be rich and successful, but not many use talismans of wealth. But, lately, with Feng shui gaining popularity around the world, a lot of people are exploring different talismans such as the hamsa, evil eye, and others. One of which is also placing the coin money tree in one's house. 

Coins are a great symbol of wealth since they represent money. You can display this coin money tree anywhere you like as long as it is easily spotted, for example in the living hall facing the main entrance, on your work desk, on the reception counter, the cashier. It is recommended though by Feng Shui experts, to place this tree in the SOUTHEAST (Sector of wealth) of your living room. 

This handmade, coin money tree is made with twisting copper wires. The tree has 100 gold Chinese coins which are considered lucky according to Feng Shui. The trunk of the tree base has amethyst, carnelians, tourmaline, citrine, and black onyx gemstones embedded in it. All these particular crystals are used for protection and their healing purposes. 


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