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Nina Necklace With Multi Tourmaline

$ 52.00

A delicate, 26 inches sterling silver necklace highlighting round-shaped multi-tourmaline gemstone with a weight of 4.38 ct. is rare to Mia Siya. 

The necklace highlights 4 adjustable rings so it can be worn as a 14-inch 'choker' making it a Y-necklace or '18-inch princess', or '20-inch matinee', or a '26 inch necklace' which is between an 'opera' and a 'rope' length. An unusual and versatile piece of jewelry that can be transitioned from an 'everyday jewelry ' to an 'evening wear accessory,' The total weight of the necklace is 6.45 gms. 

As the name suggests, it is a stone that has two or more different colors and is sometimes referred to as either 'rainbow tourmaline' or even bi-colored tourmaline. 

A rare version of tourmaline, 'multi-colored' tourmaline has triangular cross-sections of color. It can be pink, red, green-brown or blue, or a combination of all. It's believed to align mental processes, encourage self-confidence, promote understanding, and provide insight into conflicts. Tourmaline has been thought to be able to protect and heal. 

Please note: Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the gemstone, exact colors and patterns may vary slightly from the image shown.

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