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Tania Earrings With Carnelian

$ 78.00

A stunning addition to Mia Siya! 

A popular design, that was loved by many but was out of stock for a while. Glad to bring it back for you. Perfect shape to the carnelian gemstone here which accentuates the appeal of this luxe boho, versatile, trendy yet super fun earrings. The base is in sterling silver but glorified with gold plating to enhance its beauty. The Pave stud captures the attention and sure makes it look like a million bucks.

As you may know, Carnelian is considered to be a stabilizing stone. The word itself comes from a Latin word meaning “flesh” or “yellowish red”, which symbolizes bold energy and stimulation of the spirit. Ancient usage ranged from beliefs that carnelian stone could help timid speakers become eloquent and bold to being worn by warriors around the neck for courage and physical power to help with conquering their enemies.

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