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Merak Shanti Silver Cuff

$ 28.00 $ 48.00

A beautiful melody: Peace charm on one side and a heart on the other side.

A simple yet eye-catching cuff that evokes a rather free-spirited vibe. A strikingly charming and adorable sterling silver cuff, subtle and tender on appeal but quite the conversation piece. 

I see this bracelet as a unisex style since it can be adjusted to any size. 

Sterling Silver, as we know is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metal, usually copper. The small amount of copper added to sterling has very little effect on the metal’s value. In fact, the cost of a silver item is mainly affected by the labor that is involved in making the item, the skill of the craftsman, and the exquisiteness and intricacy of the design.

Also shown: OM Shanti Silver Cuff - Om with a Peace Charm. Wear them together and the energy is limitless.

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