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Fall Season With Mia Siya 2020

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Welcome Fall,

The most exciting season of the year for many, including me is the Fall season. Now is the perfect time to explore the latest trends of the season.

As expected, many of the fashion events this year discussing the latest trends from different designers from around the world were either cancelled or held via Zoom. But, ultimately by hook or crook, highs and lows of the pandemic situation, we were finally introduced with Fall Trends that 'many' are now talking about. 

In the fall fashion shows, some classics styles were prominent like color blocking, wearing fringe and plaid. Yet a few less typical fall fashion trends have also popped up: think ballroom dresses, bright colors like fuschia, and opera-length gloves for everyday wear, scarves, heargears, sharp and edgy collars, silver metallic as a favored color and much more!

In a nutshell, the verdict by many designers for Fall 2020 is that women want to have fun with their clothes again. Wearing cheerful colors, festive textures, or items reminiscent of childhood like bows and tulle dresses, it appears our wardrobes will be taking an exciting and fun turn this fall.

As said in the last blog  "Summer Trends for this year" let us move yet again, with high spirit and enthusiasm and share how beautifully Jewelry from Mia Siya can be coordinated with endless options. The situation we all are in should not damper our love for fashion and jewelry trends.

So, moving along, Sharing the top 5 trends if not all, that got higher votes and bigger audience appeal. 



#1 Trend - Leather 

In the past years, leather has been a part of almost every cold season, but for fall 2020, the difference is that 'black' leather from head to toe will be seen more than the usual bold leather colors. Imagine a leather jacket, with leather boots being seen everywhere!!

To lighten up a look with a dark ensemble, pair it with some a spark of color such as a beautiful Lime green. 

Lina Studs with Green Onyx brightens up the look beautifully for fall. Elia Bracelet In Gold adds that perfect gold bling to any attire in leather. 





#2 Trend - Statement Collars


 A unique trend this fall is statement collar, big or small such as ruffled, laced, embroidered, exaggerated and sharp collars that seek quite the unusual attention. One can mix and match since this is a 2020 fall fashion trend that can easily transfer to fit any individual's style. 

To compensate an edgy and sharp appeal of this trend, matching it with and easy going, subtle yet soft jewelry pieces such as the Love Necklace and Shiana Pearl Earrings justifies the image very candidly. 





 #3 Trend - Fushia Color 


In the past a lot of women played safe by pairing and wearing blacks, beiges, nudes and whites but this fall season, a lot of bright colors especially fushia will be prominent. A very bold choice for autumn weather, this color adds new energy and excitement to seasonal staple pieces such as outerwear or suiting.

An energy filled color deserves a statement piece. One could neutralize it with dainty, subtle jewelry pieces or even pair them with diamonds OR one could be daring and go dramatically bold. Niyati Necklace with amethyst, blue chalcedony, black onyx and Lyala cuff with black onyx amazingly makes fushia play along graciously. 






#4 Trend - Scarves

Fall 2020 flaunts the usage of scarves! Runways were heavy with headgears especially scarves. Styled both "high" and "low" as designers paired the piece with everything from casual bohemian looks to formal dresses, this is definitely a versatile fall fashion trend for 2020. Many designers see this trend to be carried by a majority of women since it is versatile, easy and affordable trend.

Pairing scarves or any headgear with a matching gold set such as Naya Necklace and Nayaa Earrings in Gold is an easy pick me up fashion tip. 







 #5 Trend - Silver Bright 

Silver might just be the new black this Fall. Designers played with the textures of this metallic hue giving 'high-shine' a new meaning this season. Don't be afraid to implement a bit of silver into your wardrobe and explore a more futuristic motif.

This season, silver will be seen not only as a fashionable color, in form of silver jewelry but also widely and graciously be used in home decor and luxury interiors. Ira Earrings and Necklace with Amethyst with Soraya Cuff makes this beautiful color more luxurious. Dainty usage of gemstone adds that perfect spark, one may expect. 






Whether you love following trends or simply love to read about them, I would love to know which Fall 2020 trend you are excited about or will be wearing this year? 

Would LOVE to hear from you. All any and feedbacks and suggestion are welcomed

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Fashionably Yours,





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