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Why ONLY Necklaces? Women prefer necklace as their main accessory.

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A very interesting topic I wanted to discuss in this blog. I have had the urge and the curiosity to write on for a while, but amidst sharing trends for different seasons, the topic got lost.

Divine Timings, I must say for I feel it is a perfect topic for today's dressing trend as I look for that perfect necklace myself to wear this evening for my girlfriends birthday party. 

So, why do women prefer necklace as their main accessory? 

Well! Here are some reasons that necklaces, amongst all jewelry accessories are worn the most. 




1. Necklaces express your personality 

Your statement necklace will tell the world a little more about who you are. It could be more casual and relaxed, more classic and refined, more quirky and edgy, more dramatic and bold… whatever it is that you choose it packs a punch and communicates more about who you are whilst adding a great focal point and detail to your outfit. What is your personality type?

If you’re dramatic you may find that you like your necklaces oversized and bold such as the Niyati Necklace with gemstones.

A playful, bold and a dramatic necklace that may just hold your breath and keep it there for a while. An exceptional design that exudes sophistication and elegance. A chunky necklace with 2 medallions on each side flaunts a style that is unique and mysterious. Embedded with amethyst, blue chalcedony, and cubic zirconia for that classy, subtle bling. Gold plated intertwined  chains hung loosely and freely hence creating a harmonious appeal. 



2. It adds interest to any outfit

Your statement necklace can be used to take an otherwise plain outfit (which can be a tad boring) and turn it into something more unique, such as this Amaira Necklace with blue sapphire

A dazzling, salient, glamorous design that may seem rather simple from a distance, but be assured it creates the most luxurious and extravagant appeal and interest you expect off of your jewelry. Highlighting the blue sapphire via this stunning necklace not only added interest to your existing outfit but also assures you a classy and chic appeal. 





3. They draw eyes up to your face. 


Creating a focal point near your face will draw attention to it and this is ideal as our face is also known as our “communication center”.   And as I always say, “If you’re looking in my eyes, you’re not looking at my thighs”. 

This is one of my favorite sayings  – and it’s so true!

Your face is the place we look when we are communicating with you. So many women dress to conceal what they perceive to be flaws and spend their time and energy focusing on that. 

So, consider the colors you wear. Colors that flatter you will draw attention to your face. They will be balanced, neither draining you of life, nor taking all the attention away from your face.  They will create harmony in a way that makes the eye flow, but not stop and focus on any part of your body.  The right colors will light up your face making you look vibrant and alive.


Accessories are brilliant for creating focal points which attract attention. Jewelry that sparkles as the light hits it grabs the eye. Color, pattern and detail all draw attention, think colored and patterned scarves around your neck with a neutral outfit.  Such an easy way to draw attention up to your face.

Jaipuri Necklace with gemstones does just that. Wear it long with a soft color such as a nude or beige or double it and flaunt is with any shirt or rounded neck to highlight the beautiful necklace. 

Tip: Really long necklaces look best on those with a small bust, on large busts they tend to dangle and flap.



4. They help you to win friends and influence people and even start a lovely conversation

I have personally had so many people stop me and comment on my statement necklace over the years. they really are conversation starter and we never know where a conversation may end.

Statement necklaces are particularly useful when making a capsule wardrobe work harder and are ideal for travel as you need less clothes to change the way your outfit communicates. 

And what I love most, is that there are so many great sources of statement necklaces that cost little but pack a visual punch. You may wear one in metal, or wood, resin or any other material you are fond of and you'd be surprised how interesting the conversations could get.

Kiera green turquoise necklace does just that. 

This exquisite, classy necklace showcasing faceted green turquoise, of varied sizes and shapes is beyond one's imagination. Now, did you know that green Turquoise has the meaning and properties to heal weary minds. It is a gemstone with excellent healing energy. It is often used as amulets against evil. Some use this gemstone to protect the owner from all sorts of malice.

Now, why would someone not be talking about it all night? And, how many of the friends you just made who appreciate your dressing style? 


Whether you love wearing necklaces or were always curious like I have been and start wearing them more, hope this blog was fun and helpful for you.

Would love for you to check out the entire collection of necklaces in Mia Siya.


Necklaces, in varied form, style, length, weight, metal being used, are all a part of this section. Some may be delicate and dainty yet others may be a little bold in appeal. Some may present themselves with the usage of fine gemstones while others may be featherweight with the utmost beauty of its own, it all comes down to one's preference. 

Most Popular Necklace: Ella Pearl Necklace according to customer review.

My Favorite is the Nazar Necklace - sweet and simple, for that 'everyday' look since I work from home all the time but if I were going out, my first pick to go with jeans and heels for that elongated look would be the Adira Necklace - truly a versatile necklace for any occasion. 

I would love to know which particular one caught your eye and you can see yourself wearing it and enjoying it. 

Please visit my website for prices and to order that 'perfect' necklace for this summer. 

Fashionably Yours,
























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