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Part 3 - Top 3 Fashion Trends 2019 By Mia Siya

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Part 3 - Top 3 Fashion Trends 2019 By Mia Siya

Welcome, Every week for the last 2 weak we have introduced to you the Top 3 Fall Fashion Trends of 2019. Hope you enjoyed reading through and maybe already are picking up a 'style' you may personally have liked, this season. Well! With no further ado, let us move on to the next trends in our next Top trends in this  'Top 10 Fall Fashion Trend Countdown"     #7 Trend - Ruffles  Ruffled necklines and bow finishes were  seen in abundance on the Fall runways, but they all came with a contemporary twist. Ruffled blouses are a popular silhouette for the fashion-conscious,...

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