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Spring Season With Mia Siya 2021

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Welcome Spring

Every year with every season, trends vary and for anyone who is into fashion, in fact, even if you are not, it is a very exciting time to study the market, the trends of the season with all the little details and not-so-little ones, and all the styles and hoopla that will prevail. 

Spring 2021, I am already noticing a 'New' trend of thinking globally. What does that mean, you ask? Well! Designers, photographers, models from around the world are now capturing the season's best look and trends from New York to Shanghai and everywhere in between. Until we all can comfortably travel again and wear our Marni frocks in Mexico and our Givenchy jeans in Los Angeles, trying out spring’s new trends at home will have to do.

If there’s been one fashion lesson learned during lockdown, it’s that personal style doesn’t disappear in difficult times. Connecting your personal style from your existing wardrobe and pairing that perfect jewelry with it, is something that sure will stay in fashion this year, until the pandemic leaves us forever. 

Sharing the top 5 trends if not all, that got higher votes and bigger audience appeal. 



 # 1 Trend - Show Some Leg 

At Miu Miu, Miuccia Prada made a strong case for a micro miniskirt, outfitting Lila Grace Moss in a bejeweled mini to open the brand’s spring 2021 digital show. Plenty of other designers agree that a long leg is the silhouette of the season, with Chloé offering A-line minis and Etro applying its signature paisley print to cut-off jean shorts. Of course, few do super-short with as much verve as Versace; Donatella mixed a clash of prints and patterns on a flirtatious pleated skirt.

Sharing the perfect jewelry from Mia Siya that will go beautifully with this fun spring look.


Jewelry Shown: 

1. Kyanite Necklace With Chakra Gemstones

2. Anika Gold Bracelets With Corals 




# 2 Trend - Statement-Making Trousers

 2021 is all about finally, giving up on those leggings and sweatpants and switch to more fashionable alternatives such as the wide leg, roomy trousers that exudes style and poise. Brands such as Louis Vuitton to Jacquemus to the affordable online collection Raey.

For more daring dressers, there are neon green cargos from Kim Shui and khakis painted with delicate tropical flowers at Oscar de la Renta. Yes, they’re great for sitting and lounging, but as Hailey Bieber has proven, wide-leg pants look best in action.

Match it a stunner from Mia Siya and create a classy look, like never before. 


Jewelry Shown:

1. Pearl Necklace With Green Onyx 

2. Katya Ring With Green Onyx 






 # 3 Trend - Clingy Dress Appeal 

Fashionable, sensual clothing is the story at brands like Givenchy and Versace. After a year of slouchy, cozy clothes, it’s not hard to see the appeal of a curve-hugging dress or a slinky knit top. the Pandemic may have given lounging in comfortable clothing a priority but it time to bring back that favorite curve hugging dress out and have some fun. There is a certain comfort in wearing close, stretchy clothing, and a declaration that when if we are dressing for ourselves our bodies are worth celebrating.


Enjoy that perfect red or that favorite black, body clinging dress of your and pair it with the perfect gemstone, luxurious jewelry from Mia Siya.

Jewelry Shown:

1. Amaira Necklace With Blue Sapphire 

2. Amara Bracelet With Labradorite 






#4 Trend - Knitted Dress


Minimalist and easy, ribbed knitwear is the thinking shopper’s alternative to athleisure for spring 2021. There’s really no reason to regress back into sweats this spring. With a casual sandal and carry-all bag, a knit dress or set is the perfect at-home to outdoors look.

Pair it with that perfect jewelry from Mia Siya and you are all set to have some fun this spring.


Jewelry Shown: 

1. Jaipuri Gemstone Necklace 

2. Amoli Adjustable Gold Ring With Malachite. 




# 5 Trend - Printed Shirts


A simple, cotton printed or striped shirt will never go out of style. It’s a message designers have pushed both on the runways and in stores, and with so many colorful new options, this spring is a great time to refresh the classic pieces in your closet.




Some of the other jewelry pieces that were launched with Amour Collection this month and can be paired with any of your existing wardrobe to create that perfect spring look: 

1. Aneisha Necklace With Raw Aquamarine

2. Nina Necklace With Multi Tourmaline

3. Shiara Earrings With Grey Pearl 

4. Zara Necklace WIth Rubies & Blue Sapphire

5. Lyanna Necklace With Blue Sapphire and Prehnite

6. Ava Ring With Herkimer 

7. Zen Necklace 

8. Black Diamond Earrings


Whether you love following trends or simply love to read about them, I would love to know which spring trend out of the 5 above you are excited about or will be wearing this year? 

Please visit my website for prices and to order your perfect Spring/Summer accessory! Interested in shopping early for Summer? Well! Mia Siya is always the perfect place to shop for that perfect gift, with its heart-centered, stylish, and unique design.

Fashionably Yours,



















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