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Summer Season With Mia Siya 2020

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Welcome Summer,

The start of summer may have been weeks ago but unfortunately, with the entire nation as well as the world which is still in enforced lockdown due to Coronavirus, we haven't had many fair-weather celebrations. Even though we may feel discouraged in wearing our 'real & good' clothes, or our 'work & upbeat styles' but there is still a lot to look forward to.

With things now opening up and with families making travel plans for the summer, many of us are also looking forward to having fun with 'fashion' again - exploring and experimenting with new trends.

So, moving along with 'high spirit and positivity' Mia Siya would love to share some of the summer trends for 2020 along with jewelry ideas you can coordinate it with. After all, a zoom meeting with the perfect summer dress and that stunning jewelry piece OR that summer trip, which you finally see happening and where you can adorn that cute summer, a trendy pick matched with a funky piece of jewelry would certainly be worth a third glance, don't you think? 

 Sharing the top 5 trends if not all, that got higher votes and bigger audience appeal. 


# 1 Trend -  Wrapped Ankles


If you've been keeping an eye on street style stars over the last few months, you'll have noticed that several have been tying their sandal straps around their trousers. 

 The perfect earrings that would look trendy yet fashionable would be the Chanda OR the Ivy earrings with white agate, both hand-hammered in texture and with NO weight. 





 # 2 Trend - Puffed Sleeves


This trend was seen a bit in 2019 as well but this year it is here to stay. You may see the puff around the shoulder or down the arm but it is already loved and raved by many designers. I personally am loving the style and looking forward to wearing my puffed sleeved dress with Lea Earrings. Also shown Aaru Earrings which would look adorable as well if looking for an elongated jewelry idea. 



  # 3 Trend - Sheer Layers


This trend has many designer's pretty excited already. Whether you add the sheer layer over a shirt as if like a vest, a bathing suit, a pumped-up designer dress, or over a pair of shorts, jeans, or basically whatever you have on,  it is a stylish way to play around with textures and silhouettes. 



 # 4 Trend - Maximalist Energy


Surprisingly enough, power prints are back in a huge way this summer with gigantic florals, oversized polka dots, and tons of clashing hues. Not sure what to feel about it but I am sure plenty of people out there are very excited about it. Well! as they say, there is nothing as 'too much' when it comes to dressing up the way a person would like to. With heavy print design, subtle and sober jewelry would pair well such as the Leya Studs and Aaniya Bangle Bracelet. 





#5 Trend - Torso Ruching 

Ruching is simply a way of gathering, pleating, or the folding of extra fabric. A French word for 'strip of cloth', it is part of the French couture that can be used to make our garments fancier. It is often found at wrists or necks but summer 2020 will showcase it all over our torsos. An interesting way to add texture and shape to an otherwise simple dress. It adds a level of a high end looks to any boring attire. I think pairing a torso ruching dress with a short length necklace such as Amy Necklace or a medium length necklace such as Sundar Necklace will move the eyes towards the overall look and not just the torso. 




Some suggestion of jewelry form Mia Siya that can be combined with the summer trends 2020 are: 

1. Miska Earrings With Smoky Quartz  

2. Isla Necklace With Gemstones 

3. Asa Bracelet 

4. Zora Necklace With Black Onyx

5. Shanti Necklace 



Whether you love following trends or simply love to read about them, I would love to know which Summer 2020 trend you are excited about or will be wearing this year? 

Please visit my website for prices and to order your perfect Spring/Summer accessory! Interested in shopping early for Summer? Well! Mia Siya is always the perfect place to shop for that perfect gift, with its heart-centered, stylish, and unique design.

Fashionably Yours,



















































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