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Fall Season With Mia Siya 2021

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Welcome Fall,

Every year with every season, trends vary and for anyone who is into fashion, in fact, even if you are not, it is a very exciting time to study the market, the trends of the season with all the little details and not-so-little ones, and all the styles and hoopla that will prevail. 

Summer isn't over yet, but in true form, as always the fashion universe has already started spinning its own narrative for the possibilities that lie ahead for the months ahead.

Rebounding, sadly from a year when everyone was practically in loungewear, we are looking forward to fall collection 2021, hopefully which will be the third fashion week, set in the virtual world, to pore over the trends for fashion's favorite season.

If there’s been one fashion lesson learned during lockdown, it’s that personal style doesn’t disappear in difficult times. Connecting your personal style from your existing wardrobe and pairing that perfect jewelry with it, is something that sure will stay in fashion this year, until the pandemic leaves us forever. 

Some of the usual suspects are back such as the fierce leopard coats, sequins and knit sweaters, loose denim, saturated fall colors and sultry blush tones are just some of the fall trends you can start getting amped up about right now.

Sharing the top 5 trends if not all, that got higher votes and bigger audience appeal. 


#1 Trend - Sequins

The look of the year is glimmering but covered up, in forms of not just short dresses but also long trousers, high necks, jackets, and voluminous long dresses. The kind of 1920s-meets-1980s opulence that just puts a girl in a good mood and sends that 'perfect' message: Let your light shine, ladies, the future is looking bright.

Bella Bracelet In Rose Gold and Mahima Necklace In Rose Gold look exquisite paired with sequins, don't you think? 

Pairing the same metal tone is always exciting but any metal would look exclusive with sequins.




 # 2 Trend - Back To Black 


The little black dress will never go out of style, no matter how many a times we may say, 'black is back.' Black dress is a staple, be it small or an extravagant big wardrobe. The length of the dress is what may change every now and then. For fall 2021, the trend de jour is short and super fitted. It’s all about the sultry mini. But, showing those gorgeous legs is the key. 

 Mari Black Onyx Earrings and Lyala Cuff With Black Onyx 



Pairing LBD can be a challenge. One would automatically pair it with a black onyx but adding colored gemstones such as amethyst, blue sapphire, prehnite, labradorite, pearls and others always creates a stir, a statement look.

Pair your little black dress with any of these stunning choices such as Gia Necklace With Labradorite, Lyanna Necklace With Blue Sapphire And Prehnite  Sanya Earrings With Amethyst and notice how sparks of color makes the LBD pop out more. 



  # 3 Trend - Knit Sweaters

If there's anything the pandemic could've possibly taught us about fashion, it's that cozy, soft clothing feels good. Living for months in loungewear and working from home has got some of us in the habit of looking for comfortable and loose clothing.

Sweater weather will be here before you know it, and knitwear is already popping up in the form of elevated and oversized cable knits sweaters as well as dresses in fall collections. 

 Anika Gold Bracelet With Corals and Jaipuri Necklace With Gemstones adds that perfect amount of textures to blend beautifully with any style of loosely worn sweater for fall. 




 # 4 Trend - Animal Prints/Leopard Print

Animal prints, have always been in fashion one way or the other, they continue to be an on-again, off-again trend, but right now we are seeing chic peek-a-boo prints, particularly with nods to black and white...think cow, zebra and giraffe prints.

Tons of Influencers, fashion designers and celebrities around the world have been taking a walk on the wild side with this trend and it's a great look that will continue to transcend over and over again. How do you see yourself wearing the animal print? 

Alexiya Cuff With Black Onyx paired with Miska Earrings With Smoky Quartz add that perfect touch of gemstones that go bold and beautifully with animal print. 





 # 5 Trend - Loose Fit Denim 

One of my personal favorite trend is back and I could not be happier. Even though skinny jeans will always look stylish and fashionable but this fall, it is all about mom jeans, flares, boyfriend jeans, bootcut jeans. Pairing it with slim fit tees and tailored blazer, cropped sweater or fancy, elegant blouse that is tucked in will be 'the talk of the town'

 Yogini Bracelet In Gold  has been a favorite for any season, for it blends beautifully be it a casual attire, a yoga, a bohemian look or even for an evening look. Simply stack a couple of them together to create the most unique look. Om Shanti Silver Cuff which also in available in black rhodium plated looks stunning with mixed and matched with other cuffs from Mia Siya. Wearing loose denim has tons of options to make the look trendy and funky. Wear yoga jewelry or chic, or minimalist or chunky, or even luxe and classy, they all would look delicious. 



Do you know which designs were the most popular recently OR that were chosen, specifically as gifts? Do you agree with the choices? 


Vema Cuff With Gemstones

Mahi Necklace With Iolite

Nazar Necklace With Lapis Lazuli

Nazar Stud With Lapis Lazuli

Ella Pearl Necklace




Whether you love following trends for every season, or simply love to read about them, I would love to know which Fall 2021 trend you are excited about or will be wearing this year, or better yet, at least trying it out? I personally would surely be enjoying trend # 5. 

I LOVE hearing from you. All any and feedbacks and suggestion are welcomed. Your opinion MATTERS! 

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Fashionably Yours,



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