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Mia Siya is a Brand for Teenagers ALSO

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A provoking and mind boggling thought crossed my mind the other day, when I was watching the fall trends for women, that we often observe jewelry stores, be those online and offline, high end ones or affordable, target and market towards a certain age group (adults) and I, for one felt that it was rather unfair and unjust towards 'teenagers' who simply were to compromise wearing what came their way.

Well! Teens have their own culture and taste going on, and it is only fair to bring to them designs and styles that they can enjoy, wear, and flaunt with style and finesse. After all, they deserve it equally, as  much as adults do, don't you think? Maybe, I am overly sensitive about this topic and some may feel, I am being too dramatic about it. But, it is a topic that is important for me. It bothers me when my nieces are unable to find what their heart desires- jewelry that speaks to them, that connects and expresses their true personalities. 

Having expressed how I feel on this topic, I would love to bring to you top 6 'gift ideas' for your little angel who is ready to discover her fashion sense. 


Some of the most popular designs from Mia Siya are: 


1. Mahi Necklace With Iolite


Cute dainty pendant with 2mm Iolite gemstone is mesmerizing! It is too cute to wear it, it should be held in your palms and you could stare at it all day. The two-tone sterling silver pendant is a perfect example of minimalist jewelry. It is plated on half the pendant adds character and style. It comes with sterling silver rope style chain. Your teenager is sure to love this necklace that she can grow into her college years and further on, as well. 



 2. Nazar Necklace With Lapis Lazuli 


Nazar necklace is simply adorable. It's lightweight, dainty, versatile enough to wear it with tees and jeans as well as work or evening clothes. Enhanced beautifully with a stunning lapis lazuli gemstone. Lapis Lazuli is a manifestation stone. It is also an excellent meditation stone. It is said to help create and maintain a connection between the physical and celestial planes, creating a strong spiritual connection. 



  3. Maika Earrings

Featherweight, heart-shaped, dainty earrings with hand-hammered texture, these cute little delicate earrings are sure to win your heart and others around you. Fun and playful, these popular earrings are simple and clean for effortless style that can go with anything. 




 4. Clockwise 

    Peace (Shanti) Bracelet

    Heart ( Merak) Stud Earring

    Peace Stud Earring

    Heart Bracelet 


Peace & Heart design in form of stud earring and bracelets are loved by teenagers and often referred to their friends and cousins who were looking for similar, wearable jewelry. Teenagers love wearing them as a set. 






 5. On Top - Nazar Bracelet With Lapis Lazuli 


Fashion-friendly, cute little gold plated evil eye bracelet with lapis lazuli gemstone has the appeal to want it, own it, and wear it all the time. It has that fun flair to it which every piece of jewelry should have. And, something a teenager can surely wear it and flaunt it with ease and comfort, right? Adjustable rings are icing on the cake! 


   Bottom - Shia Bracelet With Druzy 


This delicate adjustable, lightweight sterling silver bracelet with stunning sparkling black druzy has been  'the' favorite of moms who love getting it for their teenagers ever since it was introduced. They often get the 'shia ring with druzy' for themselves and create an adorable mother-daughter connection via jewelry.  





 6. Left - Agma Earrings With Labradorite


Agma earrings are your 'dressy' earrings for when the teenager is readyh to express her classy side. Polished and Mondaine, these adorable, appealing Agma earrings are a treat to one's eyes. They are sterling silver with gold plated, may be dainty and lightweight, but with a phenomenal appeal of labradorite gemstones. 

 Right - Chakra Earrings 

Sterling silver with gold plating, these petite chakra earrings are a must-have, since they are latest in style as yoga and its meaning is getting quote the attention in today's world. Lightweight, simple in design but carrying a profound spiritual meaning. Your teenager probably already knows that chakras are the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number. Once adorned, your little angel may just explore that side of yoga. 




 Other designs that are equally loved as gift items are: 

1. Chanda Earrings in silver 

2. Tisya Gold Studs 

3. Ria Earrings Studs With Grey Pearl 


Whether you would love to introduce a design or two to your teenager or letting her browse through the website to pick her favorite, Mia Siya is a user friendly site.  

Would LOVE to hear from you. All and any feedbacks and suggestion are welcomed. LOVE hearing from you. 

I invite you to please visit my website for prices and to order your perfect gift for your little angel. 

Are you interested in shopping early for Winter/Christmas? Well! Mia Siya is always the perfect place to shop for that perfect gift, with its heart-centered, stylish, and unique design. Reach out today to reserve that 'PERFECT' design for yourself or your loved ones. 

Fashionably Yours,

P.S. Credit for Models - Pinterest 


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