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Part 3 - Top 3 Fashion Trends 2019 By Mia Siya

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Every week for the last 2 weak we have introduced to you the Top 3 Fall Fashion Trends of 2019. Hope you enjoyed reading through and maybe already are picking up a 'style' you may personally have liked, this season. Well! With no further ado, let us move on to the next trends in our next Top trends in this  'Top 10 Fall Fashion Trend Countdown" 


 #7 Trend - Ruffles 

Ruffled necklines and bow finishes were  seen in abundance on the Fall runways, but they all came with a contemporary twist. Ruffled blouses are a popular silhouette for the fashion-conscious, partly because there are plenty of options to choose from to keep the look fresh and stylish -- no matter the occasion. 



The easiest way to spruce up an outfit includes the addition of jewelry, although it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish which pieces pair best with your clothing. But, one important rule to follow is to "not overpower" the neckline of your garment. Stick to pieces that highlight the gorgeous detailing on your ruffled blouse. 

 A pair of striking earrings are the ticket to drawing attention to your blouse in all the right ways. Sport a ruffled-neck blouse with any medium-sized gold earrings or a simple pair of studs for a perfect pairing. Choose an embellished earring in a bright color when rocking a neutral blouse or choose a simple metallic to go with something bold and bright.



 Jewelry Shown;

1. Miska Earrings WIth Smoky Quartz

2. Sariya Earrings

3. India Studs With Lapis Lazuli And Labradorite

4. Ivy Earrings With Agate


 Also, regardless of the kind of jewelry, stick to one or two pieces at a time to avoid a look that's fussy. While a pair of beautiful earrings pair perfectly with a ruffled blouse, opt for a lovely 'Ring' as opposed to a necklace to keep the look balanced. Unusual pieces are a fashion-forward choice, so don't shy away from cool pieces that will add to the allure of your stylish outfit.




Jewelry Shown:

1. Rose Ring 

2. Tree Of Life Earrings

3. Heart Studs 

4. Joy Ring With Chalcedony



#8 Trend - Punk Plaid 

Plaid has become such a classic print in our wardrobes, we barely blink an eye when we look at it. But the way it's styled for Fall made us stop in our tracks. There's a clear throwback to the '90s now, so layer your dark checks over hoodies or roll up your tough trousers to reveal combat boots. 



Plaid has a tendency to look overwhelming if the right kind of jewelry is not paired with it. You want to keep it simple with light, delicate earrings so the focus goes on both, the attire as well as the jewelry worn.  



Jewelry Shown:

1. Ira Necklace In Sterling Silver 

2. Chanda Earrings 

3. Emma Sterling Silver Hoops

4. Chakra Earrings


When pairing the necklace with plaid, tow tone looks charmingly beautiful, as much as sterling silver jewelry which looks both glamorous as well as subtle. What can be more appealing than adding a touch of a gemstone to it? Again, not to make them look too loud, the key is to keep it simple. 




 Jewelry Shown:

1. Mahi Necklace In Oval 

2. Nazar Necklace With Lapis Lazuli 

3. Om Lariat Necklace 

4. Mahi Necklace In Square


Whether you love the following trends or simply enjoy reading about them, I would be excited to know which fall trend from Part 3 of this Blog Series caught your attention the most and you would be wearing this year? The Plaid OR the Ruffles?

Look for Part 4 of the Fall Fashion Trend series next week on last 2 fashion trends, as we continue our 'Top 10 Fall Fashion Trend Countdown"

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Fashionably Yours,


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