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Part 2 - Top 3 Fashion Trends 2019 By Mia Siya

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Last weak we introduced to you the top 3 fall fashion trends of 2019. Hope you enjoyed reading through and maybe picking up a style you may try this season. Moving ahead to the next top 3 trends in this  'Top 10 Fall Fashion Trend Countdown" Therefore, with no further ado, here goes.


#4 Trends - Pistachio Color

While there were heaps of new color trends—including red and orange as a couple and purple palettes—that made their way down the runways, it was the overwhelming presence of pistachio that creates quite the stir. Just like the nut, this hue is addicting, so much so that designers clearly couldn't help but style models in head-to-toe pistachio look.

Tip: Check out your local thrift store or antique store for old fashioned Pistachio dresses that were popular with the ladies of yesteryear. Pairing it with sober jewelry would be an idea I would implement.



Pistachio color was not only seen as a fall trend in terms of attires but also in the most beautiful colored handbags, clutches, hair accessories, etc. The color exudes elegance as well as a calming effect like no other, and statement necklaces below would only flaunt its appeal rather more.



Mia Siya has you covered for necklaces that you can wear!  Check out the above styles that will enhance the Pistachio color more effectively with that perfect touch of vibrant color. 

Jewelry Shown above:

  1. Gia Necklace With Labradorite
  2. Maia Necklace With Chalcedony And Lapis Lazuli 
  3. Daliana Necklace In Rose Gold
  4. Om Lariat Necklace In Sterling Silver


  #5 Trend - Crayon Legs

Bold Hosiery was an interesting twist to the fashion week when these were seen paired with everything from frilly dresses to skirt suits that have reemerged as one of the biggest and funnies fall trends to try if you are bold enough to. 



Since the crayon legs are pretty bright and daring, pairing subtle jewelry would be advisable unless you want to make a unique statement and wear something equally bold otherwise. 




 Jewelry Shown: 

  1. Agma Earrings With Labradorite
  2. Joy Earrings With Pink Chalcedony
  3. Ria Earring Studs With Grey Pearl 
  4. Ira Earrings with Amethyst



# 6 Trend - High Shine Fabrics

One of the most festive fall trends is one we haven't seen in quite some time—lamé. This blast-from-the-past fabric is one that shone so bright on the runway and will soon do the same in our closets. Buy into this trend, and you'll be ready to party in no time. 



I recommend stacking Bangle Bracelets from Mia Siya with this fashion trend. It would add a touch of gold to the already shiny fabric....a little unusual yet daring and impressive. What do you think?



You could also pair the high shine fabrics with the following stacking bracelets which not only adds that perfect gold but are as playful and fun as the shiny fabric. 

  1. Stack of Gold Bracelets From Mia Siya
  2. Joy Bracelet With Chalcedony
  3. Iris & Elia Bracelet 
  4. Asiya Bracelet In Gold
  5. Iris, Elia & Viva Bracelet
  6. Iris Bracelet (Square)
  7. Iris, Viva & Elia Bracelet 
  8. Elia Bracelet In Gold
  9. Viva Bracelet In Gold


Whether you love the following trends or simply love to read about them, I would love to know which fall trend from Part 2 of this Blog Series caught your attention the most and you would be wearing this year?

Look for Part 3 of the Fall Fashion Trend series,  next week on three more  fashion trends, as we continue our 'Top 10 Fall Fashion Trend Countdown"

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Fashionably Yours,

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