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Part 1 - Top 3 Fashion Trends 2019 By Mia Siya

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Welcome Fall!!

Autumn is almost here, coming on Sept 23rd and even though summer is my favorite season, Fall is surely my second favorite. I absolutely adore seeing new Fall fashion trends, a new beginning to the school year, football season and cozy, huggable sweaters making their way out into our lives and of course into our wardrobe. 

If you are anything like me and are ready to update and refresh your Fall wardrobe, my 3-part series on the Top 10 Fall Fashion Trends countdown, is for you!

Here are the first 3 trends of the new Fall 2019 season:


 #1 Trend - Itty Bitty Bags

Itty Bitty Bags made their debut on the spring runways but have carried on into Fall trends, by becoming even smaller. Many of the bags this season are so small, they can be worn as a boho or avant-garde jewelry accessory. 

While completely un-usable, they have a cute factor that can't be ignored. Tip: Check out your local thrift store or antique store for old fashioned itty bitty bags that were popular with the opera ladies of yesteryear. 


The Itty-Bitty Bags are made from any and every type of material: be it fabric, wool, metal, leather, and even wood!  I recommend pairing layered necklaces along with the Itty-Bitty Bag “necklace”, to create a chic look that is popular with the larger sweater styles that are fashionable for this Fall season. 




 Mia Siya has you covered for necklaces that you can layer!  Check out the above styles that will enhance the Itty-Bitty Bag trend.

Jewelry Shown above:

  1. Mahima Necklace in Rose Gold
  2. Zora Necklace With Black Onyx
  3. Amy Necklace With Labradorite
  4. Adira Necklace In Gold



You could also pair your Itty-Bitty Bag with a stack of chic bracelets. I recommend the Mia Siya styles below:

  1. Stack of Gold Bracelets From Mia Siya
  2. Joy Bracelet With Chalcedony
  3. Iris & Elia Bracelet 
  4. Asiya Bracelet In Gold
  5. Iris, Elia & Viva Bracelet
  6. Iris Bracelet (Square)
  7. Iris, Viva & Elia Bracelet 
  8. Elia Bracelet In Gold
  9. Vivia Bracelet In Gold


 #2 Trend - the color Purple: 2018 was all about Millennial pink, but everything is coming up Purple this Fall season, from dresses to jewelry, heels to bags.  It doesn’t matter what color of purple you choose; it can be a delicate summer lilac, to deep, rich plum.  


Catch this Autumn fashion trend with Mia Siya's stunning amethyst, which is raved about for its simplicity and elegance.



  Jewelry Shown: 

  1. Ira Necklace with Amethyst
  2. Joy Bracelet Cuff in Rose Gold with Amethyst
  3. Joy Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Amethyst
  4. Ira Earrings with Amethyst


#3 Trend - Fall Cape: One of the strongest outerwear silhouettes to come out of the Fall 2019 collections was the Cape. Chanel gave the capelet the tweed treatment, while Marc Jacobs showed off one in Leopard animal print. Hedi Slimane's second collection for Celine created what I consider to be my favorite, a chic basic capelet in solid colored suede. With all the variations in length this Fall, long or short, the heroic cape can work for every occasion.



I recommend stacking Bangle Bracelets or pairing luxe Cuffs from Mia Siya with this fashion trend.  It would add a touch of elegance that you may be looking for while wearing your trendy Fall cape. This looks like a spring jacket, doesn't it?  But, it is a Fall Cape! Isn't it beautiful? 



  Jewelry Shown: 

  1. Amaya Cuff With Black Onyx
  2. Alexiya Cuff With Black Onyx
  3. Caya Cuff With Amethyst
  4. Iris, Viva & Elia Bracelet in Gold 

Whether you love following trends or simply love to read about them, I would love to know which fall trends you are excited about or will be wearing this year?

Look for the next week's blog on three more Fall fashion trends, as we continue our 'Top 10 Fall Fashion Trend Countdown"

Please visit my website for prices and to order your perfect Fall accessory! Interested in shopping early for Christmas for a fashionable friend? Mia Siya is always the perfect gift, with its heart-centered, stylish and unique design.
Fashionably Yours,
















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