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January 2020 - The New Beginnings

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Every 1st of January, everyone around the world seems to ponder upon one thought. How did the time fly by so quickly? When did the year-end? Christmas has gone already? With a gazillion other why(s) we simply give up, sit back and try to put things into perspective. Try to face this new year, a new decade with open arms. with a positive attitude and getting ready to set out goals all over again. 

Going into the second week of the 'first month of the decade' I invite you all to open our minds and our heart and 'expect the unexpected'. Life is too short to even waste a single moment, so let us get ready to go after our ( both yours and mine) dream with gratitude and embrace the NOW! So, Here's to 2020 




A lot of changes are in store for Mia Siya and without giving away a lot, I do hope what you see in the near future will be well - received. With that said, If I may I would like to reflect upon how the year 2019 was from the eyes of our clients, and which jewelry was loved and cherished the most. These were some of the 'wishlist' pieces. 


One of our "repeated client" says: 

Mia Siya is a Beautiful, Elegant, and Unique line of Jewelry! I have purchased several pieces and I'm very pleased with my purchases, the quality, and Mia Siya's warm charm of quality customer service. Whatever piece you select from her jewelry line... You will be pleased!

- Lynette, Georgia


Aaniya Bracelet

Ella Pearl Earring With Labradorite

Elia, Viva & Iris Bracelet (worn as a stack)


With Gratitude, I walk forward to this amazing new decade 2020. Plans are being put into practice as to when and which collections will be introduced.

I would love to include you in this 'next episode' and invite you all to have a wishlist of your own from Mia Siya where you can record your wish list for the year 2020 and mark 'your' new beginnings. 



Here’s hoping all of you have your wish lists all set for the year and you endeavor to strike off each and every element from that list. To new beginnings!


With Love,


Mia Siya 







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