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Color Of The Year 2020

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As we all know, towards the end of a respective year, a lot of companies release the 'Color Of The Year' for the next year, especially 'Pantone' that has quite a noticeable reputation in the fashion/design industry. Henceforth, fashion designers, beauty buyers to jewelry designers, product and interior designers to manufacturers, it seems nearly every industry takes note of the color forecast from the world’s most influential color system.


Classic Blue is the Color Of The Year 2020 as it exudes a reassuring presence instilling confidence, calm and connection. It is only human to gravitate towards colors that bring a sense of peace, clarity, and protection. 


Well! I personally love the color as it also reminds me of my favorite gemstone: Lapis Lazuli. As a keen seeker for the best gemstone with every mood I may be in, I lately have been drawn towards blue ( total coincidence ) 


So, if you are anything like me and are ready to update your wardrobe highlighting the color of the year, I may just have the suggestions for you. 





1. India Studs Earrings With Lapis/Labradorite

2. Maia Necklace With Lapis/Chalcedony

3. Nazar Necklace With Lapis Lazuli 

4. Asta Bracelet With Lapis Lazuli 

5. Pia Studs With Lapis Lazuli 

6. Nazar Studs With Lapis Lazuli 


One of my personal favorite though is the Priya Earrings With Lapis Lazuli that can be paired with any color so beautifully. Shown below: paired with blue OR white and it looks stunning, don't you agree?



 Personally speaking, I feel be it casual or evening wear, any style can be spruced up with a little touch of color. You can enhance it either by adding a lot of delicate ones OR just one statement all comes down to your taste, your mood and the look you are going with. Hoops are THE best accessories to do just that....wear just that or pair it with other delicate pieces and create an exclusive, refined as well as a trendy look. 


Whether you love the above ideas or simply enjoyed reading about them, I would be excited to know which particular piece caught your attention the most and you think you would be wearing this year? India Studs OR Nazar Studs? How about the Priya Hoops? ( My favorite)


Please visit my website for prices and to order your perfect Lapis lazuli piece of Jewelry.

Ending with tons of love ;)

Fashionably Yours,








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