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Spring Season With Mia Siya 2020

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Welcome Spring

Every year with every season, trends vary and for anyone who is into fashion, in fact, even if you are not, it is a very exciting time to study the market, the trends of the season with all the little details and not-so-little ones, and all the styles and hoopla that will prevail. 

Spring 2020, I noticed a lot of artisanal crochet and graphic polka, as well as the disco collars, caught my eye not to mention the  60's wallpaper prints, couture feather, bold neons, hot pants, and such similar trends.

It is an exciting time for designers to showcase their work and spread their territory has begun. Sharing the top 5 trends if not all, that got higher votes and bigger audience appeal. 



# 1 Trend - Disco Collars 

The wide collars made a surprise comeback on the spring 2020 runways. Collaborated with coats, jackets, and button-downs at Lanvin, Ferragamo, JW Anderson, and beyond. Contrasting colors made them stand out more. Well! If you are going to wear the super collar you surely need to flaunt them, right? 

And, Mia Siya has you covered with both long necklaces such as the Maia Necklace OR shorter length ones, such as the OM lariat necklace that would look beautiful with the first trend of the year. 






#2 Trend - Crochet Wear

Believe it or not, this is not your grandmother's crochet we are talking about. This year, crochet is getting a clean, cool comeback. Ultra-feminine dresses, suits, evening wear with a  sophisticated, modern touch. More significance is laid on handmade techniques that can be gracefully passed on from one generation to the next.

Nothing matches better with crochet than pearls. And, this stunning Ella Pearl Necklace Set From Mia Siya is a style that surely can be passed on as a family heirloom along with the crochet wear. 




#3 Trend - Hot Pants
That is what they are actually called - hot pants: short shorts. Hot pants staged a triumphant comeback on the spring 2020 runways—from itty bitty knit shorts at Hermès and Ferragamo to denim cutoffs at Brandon Maxwell. The short shorts paired with a lot of gold jewelry made a stunning combination. 
Shown below are the Naya Necklace and the Sariya Earings from Mia Siya that would pair remarkably perfect, If I may say so myself.




#4 Trend - Highlighter Colors 

Bright and vibrant, the highlighter colors such as pink, blue, green, yellow that surely will not compromise with any other color except with black, tan, or white. A clashy color for any entrance, as well as an exit. The neon hue, in this case, is not for the faint of heart. Indeed, it's for the bold and adventurous. 

 Keeping it simple with a subtle silver is the best way to go about it. Bella Bracelet and Aaru Earrings from Mia Siya do quite a justice. 





 #5 Trend - Bermuda Shorts

Not everyone may be comfortable with short shorts or the hot pants, as they are referred to more than the Bermuda shorts are here to save the day for you. Putting a twist on the classic suit, designers from Bottega Veneta to Chloe to Givenchy embraced the Bermuda short suit for spring. Part nine-to-five, part California cool, as they are often mentioned. 

Pair Bermuda shorts with a long Zora Necklace With Black Onyx and Chunky Amaya Bracelet from Mia Siya would surely spruce up the attire beautifully. One could even go chunky on the rings like Amaya Ring if wearing a necklace and bracelet is not your thing. 




Whether you love following trends or simply love to read about them, I would love to know which spring trend out of the 5 above you are excited about or will be wearing this year? 

Please visit my website for prices and to order your perfect Spring/Summer accessory! Interested in shopping early for Summer? Well! Mia Siya is always the perfect place to shop for that perfect gift, with its heart-centered, stylish, and unique design.

Fashionably Yours,


































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