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An Ordeal with A Design from Mia Siya

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I did somewhere give you all the impression last time, that I may start liking blogging, expressing myself more, sharing emotions, adventures and ALL the behind the scene incidents that went into the making of Mia Siya.
Well! Yes, I admit! You were right and I was wrong. I am actually getting the hang of it and being more communicative with my words. 
So, going back to my 4-hour ordeal that I was going to share with you in this blog,  was me trying to make sense to my manufacturer as to how "one of my designs"  will come alive. 
The design below: The Merak Necklace ( Soul Collection ) 
By the way, it's nothing new when my creative mind and wild imagination run all over and creates a design, that only makes sense to me. This was one such example.
Get ready for this, It took me and my manufacturer 4 hours to make sense of it for he could simply not fathom and agree on my thought process, of having once chain with all the charms on one side and the other side showcasing 3 plain chains.
"Why," he asked? "Why would you do that" he repeated himself. Well! That is what I want, I said. And, the most bewildered expression on his face made me giggle. I assured him that it was doable and he could do it. Bring life to my most unique design. He then refuses and continues looking at me as if I was an alien but feels comfortable enough to say that, "it won't sit right"...there will be too much weight on one side and not enough on the other side. Well! Which common sense tells me that he had a legitimate concern. To which I further added, you will add a similarly themed charm, that will hang as a pendant thereby balancing the necklace.
Aha!! is all I heard from him, and those moments were moments of joy for me, for my anguish and impatience finally saw some light. 
The point of this blog is not merely sharing one of an episode that went into one of my designs but also to bring forward your attention to the entire team that goes into one design. I may merely make a sketch but my manufacturers are the ones who bring it to the credit goes to them.  
Mia Siya is all about teamwork, the collaboration, the love and respect for each other's work and this philosophy is what makes us unique and united. 
Hope you enjoyed reading through and maybe it evoked some curiosity in your mind for what I may bring to you the next time around in my next blog.
Well! Mother's Day and graduation time are around the corner. So, maybe we can talk about some of the trends that are hitting the runway. Hmm.. what say? We can always go back to more stories that I would LOVE to share with you with my other designs!!
Much love,
P.S. Jewelry Shown: Merak Necklace and Merak Long Chain Necklace along with Peace Bangle Bracelet.....which by the way, had a similar story...Now, who creates a bangle bracelet in THAT design??? 
Bangle Bracelet in 3 themes: Om, Heart ( Merak ) And Peace ( Shanti) 

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