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The Meaning Behind the Name- Mia Siya

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Welcome Back To My World.

 As promised, picking up from where we left off on my "First Ever Blog" of Mia Siya.....So, what exactly does Mia Siya mean?

 If you had that thought when you first heard the name, let me simply say, " You were not the only one". So, I feel it is important to give you a glimpse of the reason why I chose the name Mia Siya. I must admit, I put in a lot of thought and enthusiasm, as I could have possibly added and had high intentions for the brand to be adorned with the true meaning behind it.

 Mia means ‘Mine” or “My” in Latin and Siya or 'Sita' references from Hindu Mythology as a “Goddess.” Hence, Mia Siya means “My Goddess” which reflects your true self: 'A Goddess of Free Spirit'.  Women, that are in the process of learning to know, learn and accept her true self, on all levels: Body, Mind, and Spirit and lead a life she deserves.

Mia Siya, the brand is an epitome of self-expression, a creatively inspired platform where you choose the jewelry that appeals to you and blends it with your personal style to then make you feel like a true 'Goddess'.

I assure you that once you adorn a piece of the brand and when it connects to you on your energy level, you will enjoy exploring your true self and the connection of wearing a piece of jewelry to what it makes you feel: like a Goddess. 



Our model does an incredible job of flaunting her beauty with jewelry from Mia Siya and looking like a true Goddess. Every Women is looking to awaken the Goddess within and is doing an amazing job on their own. Mia Siya looks to make your ride a little easier, by bringing jewelry that speaks to you. A little optimism, fearlessness and an eagerness for new possibilities. 

 I am actually liking this whole blogging concept....hmmm! Don't be surprised to see a lot more of where this came from. Ask me anything about Mia Siya, if you are curious about one of the designs or the creation of it. 

 That gives me an idea for my third blog...coming soon. You don't want to miss out on a 4-hour ordeal I had with one of my designs.

 Much love,


P.S. A lady adorned with the Jewelry she wants is a Happy Lady!
She sure looks and feels like a Goddess for her smile exudes just that.....




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