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Behind the Brand : Mia Siya

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Welcome to my World!

 “I believe in karma, and I believe if you put out positive vibes to everybody, that's all you're going to get back” --Kesha

 Having said that, I invite you to the "World of Mia Siya". 

I am a very optimistic person. Someone who LOVES life and am ever so grateful for the generous life I have been bestowed upon. I am fearless, for once I decide upon something, I GO for it without looking back and I am ALWAYS open to new possibilities, as long as my determination is strong I can attain the impossible.
Now, you know me a little bit better, don't you?

Let's talk about my designs they speak to you yet?

Do you feel the energy yet? 

I know with a humble heart I say this, that you will surely feel the good vibes I am sending your way and the energy I put into each of my designs, to bring to you that same energy when you adorn it, with pride and love.

 Mia Siya comes to you from love: love for life, love for peace and love for the universal touch, we all have a strong connection with......

 A sneak peek at what Mia Siya has been up to for the year 2017 before launching on 01/09/2018. There sure is a history to that as well....but, we shall cover that story in another blog, what say? 



 The Amaya Set -Necklace, Ring, Earrings and a Bracelet was designed with love for a chunky, statement, conversation pieces of jewelry in mind. I personally always commend and appreciate another lady wearing a piece of jewelry, that is unique and eye-catching hence the curiosity in creating one was a firm decision of mine.

A chunky plate of gold in a hand hammered texture, flaunts eagerness in one's mind for how it will look once adorned....go ahead and try it out for yourself. I know for sure, you will be getting a lot of " Wow, that's different" ....

My personal favorite designs of Mia Siya 2018 Collection.

The Lea Necklace Earring set.......

A piece of jewelry that has been raved with numerous compliments ever since it was introduced in 2015. Featherweight, flimsy yet durable and sturdy. Hand-hammered necklace and earrings with18kt gold plating.

 An elegant, refined and sophisticated piece of jewelry from Mia Siya. If making a set....our suggestions are Lea EarringsIris BraceletViva Bracelet, and Elia Bracelet.   




Would you like to know the meaning behind the name: Mia Siya?

Come back and read my second blog! 

 Much love,




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