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June Birthday, I hear?

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June brings an abundance of positive energy, with celebrations and fun get-togethers with family and friends.

You, a loved one or a special friend may also have a Birthday this month.

There is so much to celebrate, which is why we’re offering a "June Birthday Month" Sale! 

Coupon Code: itsmybirthdaymonth2019 (one word) storewide along with Free Shipping ( US ONLY)

This offer is valid until June 30, 2019, so take advantage of the savings now!

The birthstone for Goddesses with Birthdays in June is Pearl! Pearls come in a variety of colors, each representing good things that can happen in your life. For instance, the white pearl promotes good health. Cream signifies success. Gold signifies wealth. Lavender promotes love, while pink promotes happiness. Black is for good luck.

Pearls are very flexible, and you can really expand on your gift-giving or fashion options based on the birthstone’s sheen and color. If you want to get her something really special, get her something that features pearls. 

Luxe Boho Chic Goddesses also love the latest fashions, so why not get her an outfit that will look great with her new jewelry from Mia Siya. BTW: If Pearls is not your thing, may we suggest jewelry with gemstone, hand hammered designs, of sterling silver jewelry which seems to be very trendy lately. Our recent Spring Collection raved for similar fun pieces as suggested above:

Fashion Trends for Summer 2019

If I were, to sum up, this season’s fashion trends, it would be Bold & Exotic - a daring twist on everyday fashion items and feminine touches like fringe, maximalism, barely their shoes in bright colors.

Bright, bold colors - Marigold yellow has earned a place in the top trends for 2019. A marigold dress or blouse will make a great gift, especially when paired with black pearls!

Beaded Bags - They are all the rage, and will be the perfect thing to give to your spouse, sister or niece on her birthday.

Snakeskin - This animal print has replaced the classic zebra and leopard prints. You’ll find plenty of options, which will look great when paired with white, cream or black pearls.

Tie-Dye - You’ll find a wide variety of clothes and accessories in this style. Why not dress them up?

Patchwork - Maximalism is very popular right now, with its multi-pattern patchwork designs. You’ll find this style on clothes, shoes, and more. Why not add some pearl jewelry to the mix? Because, after all, more is more with this style!

Bucket Hats - They’re coming out in all colors, fabrics, and styles this year. If you don’t find one with embedded pearls, you can always pair them with earrings and a necklace to create a chic look.

Color-Blocking - You can go as conservative or as wild as you want with this fashion style. That said, neons are growing increasingly popular. So you might want to consider this route if you want your wardrobe to be on trend.

Crochet - If you’re a crafter who happens to love crochet, then you can emulate some of the dresses, jackets, and purses that are currently popular without paying the price for the fashion label. You’ll find plenty of attractive outfits in both major department stores and boutiques if you’re not skilled with the crochet hook. Whatever your situation, these outfits will look great with a variety of pearl jewelry.

Fringe - If you love fringe, then you’ll find plenty of stylish outfits to choose from. The swishier, the better. Pair them with an elaborate necklace and matching earrings and feel like a queen!

Maxi Dress - These dresses have grown in popularity for good reason. They are very comfortable to wear in the summer months because they provide excellent airflow. They are also ultra-feminine, flattering your shape in a good way. You’ll find them in a wide variety of styles, colors, and prints. Whatever your flavor is, make sure to accessorize them with earrings, bracelets and a necklace that accents the top.

The 80’s Mini Dress - 80s fashion is making a comeback. Go bold, or go ultra-feminine with these outfits. Dress them up with a matching necklace, bracelet, and earrings. You’ll be all set to go out on the town!

Barely There Sandals - These not only keep your feet cool on a hot day, but they are very stylish. You can dress them up with pearl accents, or buy a pair that already has pearls. 


Some of our favorite fashion picks paired with jewelry from Mia Siya



Go bold and bright with a marigold dress and matching boots. Pair them with "Adia Earrings With Black Onyx".



Pair an elegant attire with our MOST popular necklace of Mia Siya: "Ella Necklace WIth Pearls"



A fun, trendy, boho styles blend together to create a beautiful, eye-catching ensemble with these "Ria Earring Studs With Grey Pearls"



Mix traditional with BOHO Style such as the "Ella Earrings With Pearl" to create a fresh new look for your business wardrobe!

I must say, this blog was a lot of fun. Hope it was for you as well. 

Much love,







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